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ひゅる君への質問に答えてもらっちゃったーーーー!! ひゅる君がニコたんを”Britney”呼びしてることが明らかに!

Fumi: Hi Nico! Are you excited for Suzuka?(Coz I live in Japan) What’s the most your favorite track?
Nico Hulkenberg, AT&T Williams driver : Yes I am and I look forward to it as everyone says it is an awesome circuit. My favourite track for now is Spa. My least favourite track is….Shanghai, sorry!
ふみ: ハイ、ニコ! 鈴鹿にむけてドゥー?一番お気に入りのトラックはどこですか?
NH: みんながスゴイサーキットだっていうから、楽しみにしてるよ! 今の一番のお気に入りはスパで、あんまり好きじゃないのは…上海、ゴメン!

Fumi: How do you call Nico-R? And Nico-R call you “Nico”?
Nico Hulkenberg, AT&T Williams driver : Actually, I call him ‘Britney’, and he calls me ‘Hulk’. True!
ふみ: Nico-Rをなんて呼んでる? Nico-Rはあなたのことを”Nico”って呼んでるの?
NH: 僕は彼を”Britney”って呼んでて、彼は僕を”Hulk”って呼んでる。ホントだよ!

Fumi: Do you have some musical talent? Like Sutil or Jaime… ;)
Nico Hulkenberg, AT&T Williams driver : Yes I am a great singer!
ふみ: 何か音楽の才能はある?
NH: 僕はすごいシンガーだよ!

Fumi: Night on the town or quiet at home?
Nico Hulkenberg, AT&T Williams driver : You need to have the right balance between both, sometimes you want to be at home, sometimes you want to go out.
ふみ: 夜、街で遊ぶのと家で静かにしてるのはどっちが好き?
NH: いいバランスをとる必要がある。ときどきは家にいたいだろうし、ときどきは遊びに行きたくなる。


ともだっち→ Tomoko: Hi, I’m from Japan andI heard that your favorite food is Sushi! Did you know Kamui Kobayashi’s father owns Sushi restaurant?
Nico Hulkenberg: It’s true about Sushi, it is my favourite food. But I didn’t know that about Kamui’s father, that he owns a Japanese restaurant. If it’s in Tokyo, and he invites me, then maybe I’ll go!
Tomoko: At the very moment the race starts, how do you feel on a grid? Nervous? Excited?
Nico Hulkenberg : Focused, excited. Maybe a little bit nervous as well.

twitterでよく話す人フロムインドネシア→ Tita Murniati: Favourite football team and player?
Nico Hulkenberg : I am more of a tennis fan, but obviously I support Germany when the European Championships and World Cup are on. I like Bayern Munich quite a lot too, but don’t have a favourite player as such.
Tita Murniati: Are you a smart student at school?
Nico Hulkenberg : I wasn’t the best student, no. My favourite subjects were geography, sport and maths…but my least favourite were definitely subjects like subjects were biology and geography.
Tita Murniati: Do you like to watch movie? Your fav?
Nico Hulkenberg : Yeah, I like movies, thrillers, Pirates of the Caribbean was good, and I saw Inception recently.
Tita Murniati: Hi, Nico. Who’s your fav singer or band?
Nico Hulkenberg : Ah, I am very bad with artist names, but I like all sorts of music, like R&B and house, but not one favourite singer as such.
Tita Murniati: The craziest things that fans do to you?
Nico Hulkenberg : They write me love letters!
たぶんtwitterで話す人フロムフィンランド(時々MTV3のキミ情報教えてくれるスオミっ娘ちゃん)→ Annika: Who’s surrounded by more girls at a Grand Prix weekend: you or Barrichello?
Nico Hulkenberg : Who do you think?!
twitterでよく話す人フロムインドネシア→IcemanKimster: Why don’t you update your own twitter?
Nico Hulkenberg : Because I prefer going out and meeting people face to face and interacting with them. I have a Facebook account but I don’t like people knowing exactly where I am and what I am doing at all times so I am not massively into social media.


Andy Newsome: Has anyone ever told you, you look like a young fit Kimi?
Nico Hulkenberg : Yes actually, Flavio Briatore told me that last year!

私、ニコたんを何て呼んでるか質問したときに、「もし答えてくれたらファンになる」と公言してしまったので、ファンになります。(というか今のメンバーの中では結構ファンかも! やっぱり! こういういけめんが! 好き!!!!)

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