Q: Sebastian, what was that strange sound you made over the radio just after you took the chequered flag?
SV: That (‘yabba dabba doo’ sound) was the cry of one of my favourite comic-book heroes, Fred Flintstone. I think it’s a really good and funny expression of joy.
(Sebastian Vettel Q&A: Early stop was critical)

元ネタはThe Flintstonesという1960年-1966年に放送されたアメリカのアニメらしいんですが、べっつんアナタ生まれてないでしょ…(もちろんワタシも!)

★Ring-ding-ding-ding-a-ling!だかRingdigi Ding Ding Ding Ding!
Irish Examinerというアイルランドのビジネス紙?にちょこっとだけ詳しく載っていました

Come the chequered flag, however, Vettel’s margin of victory over Hamilton was a slender 0.6secs, with Button, a further 35 seconds adrift. Unusually, Vettel dispensed with his usual cry of ‘Yes’ over the in-car radio after taking the win, and instead turned back the clock several years as he sang “Ring-ding-ding-ding-a-ling.”
Asked for an explanation, Vettel said: “It’s a long story. The first time we picked it up was in 2009 at Silverstone when we won the grand prix there. It’s a bit of a joke between my race engineer (Guillaume Roquelin) and myself that he comes on the radio and does this crazy impression, and if I feel like it, I do it back.”
(Source: Vettel reigns in Spain to leave rivals hopping mad)


むしろロッキーがGuillaume Roquelinとかいうちょっと高貴くさい名前なことのほうが驚いたよ!

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