Kimi Canadian review A bitter suprise.

A bitter suprise.
It was a bitter disappointment and surprise we had in Canada. I can’t believe, that somebody can hit you when you stand in the red light side by side with another car. I can’t believe that he did not see the red light and, more than that, the two stationary cars there.
For my part, I think Hamilton deserved his panalty. He looses ten places for the next race in France and, at least, that’s not gonna make things any easier for him.
Obviously, we lost a good result in Canada. Before the pitstop I felt that the car was very strong in speed. We could have won that race, or, in the worse case, become second.
On Saturday we had our difficulties in the qualifying because of the breaking surfarce of the track and then, for a while, in the beginning of the race. The left front tyre started to grain, but as soon as we got the front tyres working well, we went very fast.
We got the fastest lap time before the safety car, then we had a great pitstop and we put our car there in the front.
I was ready to fight and try to beat Kubica after the red light, but the never happened. Instead came Hamilton and our race was over.
I was not angry, just disappointed, surprised and frustrated in the same time. He knows there was a red light. Accident happens, but not with two stopped cars.
Now seven races are done and we have had two bad results in a row. It is something nobody could have predicted. Obviously, our position is not that strong anymore, but it’s not the end of the world for us. We have not lost that much.
We are forth in the championship. It was the same position last year and like then, it’s still a long season ahead of us.
It was good for us, that Kubica won in Canada. Congratulations for him for the maximum points. For our side it was better he got the ten points, but not my main rivals, who are now just three points ahead of me.
The BMW has all the time been there and scored every time points. When something has gone wrong for us, they now have a nice lead. I’m not too worried for that, but, obviously, if they keep scoring every time, it’s not that easy to catch them in the championship.
But we have a very good feeling with our car. We will win soon again. Now we go to the circuits, where we should be very strong since the very beginning of the weekend.
Monaco and Canada are far away in the past for me. Since coming out of the car after the crash in Canada, I put it all behond and I have been focussing on just for France. We won there last year and we will do our very best to win there again.

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