Kimi French preview

I cannot remember while I have been looking forward to win as much as I do right now. The team has built such a good car and we are able to fight to win every single race.
Well, that has not happened for a while. Because of different kind of problems we have been struggling quite a lot during the last couple of races.
Obviously, I never look back and I always stop very quickly thinking of all the bad things that have occured in the last race. I don’t carry them back home with me. It would be just a waste of time, because there is nothing I could do to change the result.
It’s better to focus on the next race, so we can get a better result from there.
The last two races have been disappointing for different reasons. However I feel Ferrari has made a good step forward at those type of circuits compared to last year. It’s just a shame the points don’t reflect that. However I feel we will be very competitive at the next street circuits in Valencia and Singapore, too.
Now we go back to Europe and, most of all, we will race on the circuits, where these cars are built for.
Nobody should think that Ferrari will not win any more. Obviously, we have missed some points, but that’s all. I have a good feeling that Magny-Cours give you a different story. The smooth surface, the very challenging corners and quick changes of direction will bring the best out of our car.
Obviously, it was at this race last year that my season really kick started. Like last year I need a good result now after scoring no points from the previous two races. I always enjoyed the circuit and it suits Ferrari as we have a very good car aerodynamically.
I feel Ferrari should be very strong at this circuit and a 1-2 result for the team, like the one we achieved last year, is what we are pushing for.
All the races are important in the championship. One point can make the difference as it proved last year. It’s going to be tight and tough again this year, so it’s important to make every point count.
Kubica is now leading the drivers championship and looking at the past races this season he has always scored good points, so he and BMW will be strong in the championship. Now Hamilton goes ten places down, but you can never underestimate McLaren’s potential. We have to fight really hard to keep them behind us.
We have new developments coming all the time. The team is working flat. But so are the other teams.
I’ve had some time to relax, but I’ve also been quite busy with promotional work. It was nice to spend some time with my closest friends at sea and follow some games of football, too. I do not have a favourite there, but a good game is enjoyable, any way. Like a Grand Prix!


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