Disappointment for Kimi

SS7での複数のロールであまりにクルマの受けた損害がひどかったことが分かったため、シトロエンジュニアチームのキミ・ライコネンは、ラリーメキシコを土曜日に再開しない。stage2で電気的なトラブルにより30分を失ったのち、ライコネンは8, 7, 5番手のタイムを記録し続けた。彼の短いWRCキャリアの中で、今までで最高のステージリザルトである。しかしそれはday1の最後にうまくいかなくなった。SS7で、フィニッシュラインが見えていたところでロールしてしまった。彼のシトロエンC4は、続行するにはひどすぎるダメージを受けたので、キミのラリー・メキシコは終わった。


from WRC.com

Citroen Junior team driver Kimi Raikkonen will not restart Rally Mexico on Saturday after an inspection revealed his car was too badly damaged in a multiple roll on SS7.

After losing more than half an hour with an electrical problem on today’s second stage, Raikkonen went on to set an eighth, a seventh, and a fifth fastest time: his highest-ever overall stage result in his short World Championship career.

But it all went wrong on the final proper stage of the day, SS7, when the Finn rolled into retirement virtually within sight of the finish line. With his Citroen C4 too badly damaged to continue, Kimi’s Rally Mexico is over.

The 2007 Formula 1 World Champion said: “It was very unlucky: the car just slid wide at the end of the stage in a slippery braking area, so we clipped the side of the road and rolled a few times. I had hoped for some good things from this rally, but this was only my seventh event and I am still learning. It’s normal that when you are learning anything you can get caught out by something and this is what happened to me today.

“My biggest disappointment is that we’re not able to continue, as I wanted to have as much time in the car as I could. I had a really good feeling earlier and I wanted to push to see what we could do. I’m sure we will come back stronger at our next event though, and while today was disappointing, I’m really enjoying my rally adventure.”

Kaj Lindstrom, who has been Kimi’s co-driver since the Finn started rallying last year said: “It was a shame that we ended our rally how we did as Kimi was making excellent progress, both with the driving and the pace notes. When we went off we were in a braking area for a left and then a right hand corner with lots of dust and gravel. Kimi had been driving perfectly to the notes and it’s the sort of thing that could happen to anyone. Up until then things had been going really well, and I’m confident that we’ll be on track again at our next event. It’s all part of the game.”

Raikkonen will be back in action at the Rally Jordan from March 31-April 3.

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