Raikkonen: “raining like crazy”

“When it rains here, it tends to fall very hard, raining like crazy for about half an hour, then it stops and the track dries very quickly, so let’s wait and see what happens this weekend, It can be tricky, especially for qualifying.”
“Malaysia is a different challenge so anything could happen, but I would keep in mind that, without my mistake in Melbourne, we could have had a good result, rather than miss out on points. That was only the first race and there are still lots of races to go. It’s too early to say on Thursday, so let’s wait at least until after Friday practice, to get a clearer picture.
“We use KERS all the time, in testing over the winter and all through the first race and we plan to use it all season long. We use it in whatever way we think is best and I would say we do so mainly to get a good lap time, but of course it can also be used to attack or to defend. I am not sure if KERS will be more of an advantage here than in Australia. I think this track could suit us better and I hope we will find that we have more speed here and will be able to challenge and be front runners this weekend. This track has many unique characteristics, even if compared to Melbourne it what we consider a “normal” circuit, but the heat, humidity and chance of rain means that anything can happen here. But usually, this circuit produces a different order among the teams to the one in Albert Park, which always produces strange results.”
“Again it is a late race and although it should be okay in terms of visibility, there is usually a bigger chance of rain later in the day, just at the time we should be racing,”
“As for the tyres, we have different tyres here, including a Hard compound which we have never used before, so we will have to see how that works out. The Hards seem to work quite well, but it takes time to get them working properly, but the softer one, once it goes off, that’s it and you cannot make it work properly again. But we don’t really know what to expect here.”


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the icing on the cake★Kimi Brazilian preview

Kimi Brazilian preview

We’re ahead of the season’s last race and the last possibility to taste the pleasure of racing for a while. This is what a driver loves most: putting on the helmet and fighting for the win. I want to fight for victory in Brazil and celebrate a good result with the Team: this would give me a good feeling for the winter and the upcoming season. There are not so many positive things for me I achieved over the last season. We have to analyze every single detail of what happened and try to learn from our mistakes to improve everything for next year.
But now we have to give it all at the last race of the 2008 season.
I’m happy to be in Brazil again. Interlagos is a track where there are often really exciting races. We drive anti-clockwise here, which is very demanding. But more than anything else this place reminds me of something very special. Last year I won the race and the title, something really extraordinary. The Ferrari very often went very well on this track and I hope that it will be the same this year. We’re fighting for both titles, just like in 2007. We’ll try a one-two win again. Winning the Constructors’ Championship is very important for every team and even more so for Ferrari. I’m glad that I can help the Team to reach its goals.
After the Chinese GP I relaxed a bit. I went to Switzerland to meet my friend Anton Alen, Markku’s son, who was driving a rally there. It was great seeing him in action. I didn’t have to do anything in particular to charge my batteries for Brazil: that comes naturally. I had some pretty good result in this race, but last year’s victory was the icing on the cake. We have to wait for Friday’s practice sessions to see what our chances might be this year. It will be very hard with McLaren in the qualifying. Over the last two races I had a much better feeling with the car in Q3, when I had a bigger fuel load. It’s important to believe in the car and the possibility to attack, this is what makes the difference. I hope that we can find the right set up, after we’ve been very close for a couple of times. At the beginning of the year things went very well, but then we lost track and we couldn’t get back. It was a very long year and I can’t wait to have a break.
There will be several new rules for the next season and we will have to work a lot during the winter. But before I go on holiday it will be great to get back to Mugello for a second time for the Ferrari World Finals. This is a very special event for the all Ferraristi. It would be even better if on 9th November we had a World Championship title with us to celebrate. I couldn’t win the Drivers’ title this year, but I assure you that I’ll try again next year.

中国GPの後、僕は少し休みをとったよ。スイスに行って友達のアントン・アレンに会ってきた。マルク(※マルク・アレン:フィンランド人元WRCドライバー、ランチア)の息子のね。彼はラリーのレース(※Rallye International du Valais Switzerland 23- 25 Oct)があったから。レース中の彼に会うのはとても素晴らしかったよ。
来年は新しいレギュレーションがいくつかあるから、僕達は冬の間にハードに働かなくてはならないだろう。でも休みに入る前に、僕にとっては2回目のFerrari World Finalsのためにムジェロに戻るのは素晴らしいよ。これは全てのフェラリスタにとってのスペシャルイベントだしね。11月9日に、ワールドチャンピオンシップのタイトルをお祝い出来たら更にいいだろうね。今年はドライバータイトルを獲れなかったけど、来年またトライすることをみんなに約束するよ。

nice to haveとthe icing on the cakeの違いがちょっとよくわからんちん。

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Kimi Singapore preview(25th 09 2008)

The most important thing is to win again. The situation in the Championship is what it is and it doesn’t depend anymore only on my results, but of my competitors’ results. In theory it’s not over yet, but I don’t have it under control anymore. Lase year, in the second part of the season, we had a great set up for the car and I was able to win many races. It was much more difficult this year. Especially as far as the tyre temperature is concerned. When the temperature is right, the car is very competitive. We’ll give it our best at Singapore, so that we can fight for the win, which still remains the main objective. We have to give it all in these four races and then we’ll see what’s going to happen. I’ve said it many times: victory is the only objective, the essence of motor racing. I’m not just here for driving, but I want to win.
Monza was a bad weekend for me, but afterwards we had a good test session at Mugello. The car had a very good set up in the last two races on the dry track and we’ve tested some new solutions, which will improve the performance. Last week I spent a day with the simulator at the CRF (Fiat Research Centre) at Turin, where I god an idea of the track, where we’re going to race at the weekend.
I arrived at Singapore today, after one day at Abu Dhabi, where I took part in some promotional event with our partners Mubadala and Etihad Airways. I can’t wait to get back on the track, because I love new challenges: since we’ve known the Championship’s race calendar, I’ve been waiting for 28th September. Of course when I think of the results I had this year on street circuits, I shouldn’t be too optimistic, but I still like to race on this kind of track: it’s pure emotion, when you find the right set up for the single-seater and race between the walls. I don’t think that it will be a big problem that we race at night. They’ve done it already with motorbikes and it was a great experience. I’m someone who likes to sleep late. My body will adapt prefectly fine to this unusual time of day.
In the end it’s not important when the race starts. When you put on your helmet and go out to the starting grid, you’ve such a high adrenaline level, that you forget everything else and you just think about giving it everything for the whole race.
They say that it rains every evening at Singapore. This shouldn’t worry us too much, because everybody will race under the same condition. I think that we’ll have the possibility to win in the four outstanding races and I will give it my all to make it and to help the Team to reach it goals.


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Kimi French preview

I cannot remember while I have been looking forward to win as much as I do right now. The team has built such a good car and we are able to fight to win every single race.
Well, that has not happened for a while. Because of different kind of problems we have been struggling quite a lot during the last couple of races.
Obviously, I never look back and I always stop very quickly thinking of all the bad things that have occured in the last race. I don’t carry them back home with me. It would be just a waste of time, because there is nothing I could do to change the result.
It’s better to focus on the next race, so we can get a better result from there.
The last two races have been disappointing for different reasons. However I feel Ferrari has made a good step forward at those type of circuits compared to last year. It’s just a shame the points don’t reflect that. However I feel we will be very competitive at the next street circuits in Valencia and Singapore, too.
Now we go back to Europe and, most of all, we will race on the circuits, where these cars are built for.
Nobody should think that Ferrari will not win any more. Obviously, we have missed some points, but that’s all. I have a good feeling that Magny-Cours give you a different story. The smooth surface, the very challenging corners and quick changes of direction will bring the best out of our car.
Obviously, it was at this race last year that my season really kick started. Like last year I need a good result now after scoring no points from the previous two races. I always enjoyed the circuit and it suits Ferrari as we have a very good car aerodynamically.
I feel Ferrari should be very strong at this circuit and a 1-2 result for the team, like the one we achieved last year, is what we are pushing for.
All the races are important in the championship. One point can make the difference as it proved last year. It’s going to be tight and tough again this year, so it’s important to make every point count.
Kubica is now leading the drivers championship and looking at the past races this season he has always scored good points, so he and BMW will be strong in the championship. Now Hamilton goes ten places down, but you can never underestimate McLaren’s potential. We have to fight really hard to keep them behind us.
We have new developments coming all the time. The team is working flat. But so are the other teams.
I’ve had some time to relax, but I’ve also been quite busy with promotional work. It was nice to spend some time with my closest friends at sea and follow some games of football, too. I do not have a favourite there, but a good game is enjoyable, any way. Like a Grand Prix!


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Kimi Canadian Preview

Kimi Canadian Preview
Our preparations for Canada were done in Paul Ricard before Monaco. It was a rainy day, so not too much was learnt. But that’s the same for all the teams. Ferrari have a good record in Canada, but it is going to be close between the top teams.
Obviously the qualifying is getting more and more crucial. That is why it is so important to get a good set up and to have a clean weekend with the earlier session. It was very close in Monaco, but as we’ve seen the whole year two tenth can differ the pole from 5th on the grid.
Canada is all about heavy breaking and going over the curbs. Our car is now much better for Montreal, too. We expect us to be competitive there. But, like always, it’s easier to say after the first day of running.
Propably there has not been a Canadian Grand Prix without having a safety car employed. Most likely it will happen again on Sunday. But, if that will be the case, I don’t feel you can be conservative in your stragety, when the competition is so close.
With the current sagetu car rules in place there is an element of luck involved, when you fight to win the race.
To win in Canada the car needs to be good under braking, because it’s very tough on brakes at this circuit. If the safety car is employed, then you just got to hope it happens at the right time.
I said at the very beginning of the season, it’s going to be like last year and the championship will be decided at the end of the season.
We have now one third of the season behind, we have 35 points and are second in the championship. I would rate us to be there among the contenders as we expected to be. Nothing has been won and nothing has been lost, either.
After Monaco I don’t feel there is any need to panic, because it’s very close. In fact I’m much closer this season in points standings compared to lase year.
I will adopt the same policy to get the maximum amount of points and go for the win if it’s possible. The target is to win in Canada. We will do our very best to make it come through.

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Kimi Monaco preview – No bigger challenge

No bigger challenge
Kimi Raikkonen: For me every race is as important as Monaco. But, however, as a race there is nothing like Monaco. To race in the Principality is really different from everywhere else and obviously, because of that, it is really difficult to have a clean weekend down there.
There ain’t a better feeling than to get things going well in Monaco.
Monaco is THE RACE. It’s the legend among all the races. When you have once managed to get it right, you know the great feeling you get by winning it. My win in 2005 ranks up there with my most memorable. So to win it again would be just as special.
The streets of Monte Carlo are so twisty and narrow. You have to be extra sharp and focussed in every single metre you go fast there. This year there is even less room for an error now when we don’t have the traction control. There could be more incidents this year – especially if it’s wet!
We missed the most important practice session in Turkey. Hopefully this time we are able to work without problems. With everybody being so close – especially in qualifying – it’s important to have a good weekend, so that you are able to fine tune the car to the circuit.
It feels great to make a fast lap in Monaco. But overtaking is almost impossible, so, obviously, to really enjoy racing in Monaco, you have to be in the front.
To qualify well is always important, but, propably, in Monaco it’s a priority. I always race to win and to start from the pole position, it’s the best option to fight for the win.
Last week we had a test in Paul Ricard and it went very well. We tried a few new things and improved the set-up. The car is stronger at this type of a circuit compared to last year. That I know.
Obviously, we struggled last year in Monaco, but I geel Ferrari have really improved in many areas that we were weaker at last year.
It’s always such a nice atmosphere down there in Monaco. To be a fan or a spectator, you enjoy this race 100%. For the teams and for us, the drivers it’s not that easy weekend. There is always a huge fuss and nobdy has any kind of own space to calm down a little bit.
But, of course, it makes the challenge even bigger. You just have to focus on more carefully.
I always aim to win and that’s my intention going into the Monaco weekend. We do our very best to get the maximum points from every race.
This race will be very open. I feel Ferrari is very competitive with the main competition coming from McLaren and BMW. That said Monaco can throw up a strange result so its the most open of all the races this year.
Last year we got only one point from Monaco. It did not feel that good after the race, but it was very precious while we finished the season. As usual it’s futile to count points now. I think we will get a better picture of the championship after these next two races.


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Kimi Turkish GP preview – Keep on fighting

Keep on fighting
For a change, It was nice to relax with my best friends at home in Finland. We had some days off and the weather was brilliant.
There were no testing after Barcelona. I bet all the top teams have done their homework very carefully to beat us in Turkey. But there is no reason to worry about that. I believe Ferrari will go fast there, too.
If you look at the circuits we’ve raced on this season, Istanbul is demanding in a similar way like Malaysia and Bahrain. Well, Ferrari won both of those and that gives us a good feeling we should be again very competitive.
Obviously Spain was a perfect weekend for me and the team. Now we want to make sure, we keep our position. At least we will push very hard – like our competitors do to catch us.
In Barcelona we got our first pole of the season. It helped a lot. It seems it’s a MUST to get a pole in Istanbul, too. Last year I made a mistake in Q3 and it really hurt. Seems that to win in Turkey, you have to start from the pole – just like in Barcelona.
I really like Istanbul. It is the best of these new circuits. There are downhill and uphill and it has some very challenging corners. You really have a great feeling especially after getting the Turn 8 exactly right.
We drive anti-clickwise there. It is the first time this year we have this kind of a place and, for sure, it gives a tough time for the neck muscles.
I’ve had two wins and a second position after the first 4 races and I’m leading the championship by 9 points. I’m very happy how things have gone so far. That said things can change very quickly in F1 so the whole team needs to keep pushing 100% to stay ahead of our competitors.
I won’t change anything my approach. It’s far to early in the season to thing about anything other than taking the maximum amount of points at every Grand Prix.
I want to win as many races as possible. I must confess that I really like this part of the season. We just go for it every time. Only winning matters.
We are leading the championship, but it does not count, if we are not able to keep our position, when it really means something. The best way to hang on first is to keep the others behind in the race.
Obviously our target is the get 1-2 result again. We will fight – as hard as the Finnish team does at the world championships of icehockey in Canada.
It’s nice that Heikki is again well. The safety issues of these racing cars seem to be handled very well. That is good for the sports.


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Keeping the momentum – Kimi Spanish preview


Keeping the momentum – Kimi Spanish preview
I have raced many times in Barcelona. It’s always very challenging circuit, but this time going there feels even more exciting than usually.
Obviously I prefer being the leader from the chaser I used to be almost every season. Keeping all the others behind me in the race would mean keeping them behind in the championship, too.
My approach is to keep pushing 100 percent, like the whole team. The things change very quickly in F1, so it’s important to get the maximum amount of points possible for every Grand Prix. There is such a long way to go.
We all in the team are in good shape. My own part of the last week’s test was not that good, but it doesn’t matter. I think we should have speed enough for the weekend. All looks good.
I expect Ferrari to be very competitive at Barcelona. But it’s going to be close between the top team. All the teams have updates for the first European race, which makes it more interesting.
We have won last two races and that makes our competitors to attack even harder. I really like racing in Europe. We don’t have to travel that long and all the energy is saved for the weekend itself. Traditionally the realseason starts while coming back to Europe.
For me it’s just great. Never before I have been able to start the European season in such a good position.
I have won once in Barcelona. Obviously that is my best memory from the Spanish Grand Prix. Actually it’s also my only podium there, so I really look forward to clinch a good result from Spain, too.
Barcelona is such a circuit where you have to get everything exactly right to be at the top. All the teams have tested many times at this circuit so to get an advantage is not very easy. The set up is crucial as the track changes with the wind and temperature changes.
Last week’s test did not give the clear picture how it is between the top teams for this race. We have made a small step forward. But it’s hard to judge things in testing with all teams trying different things and running various levels of fuel.
We know we have had our ups and downs in the first races. Now I expect Ferrari to keep it up in Barcelona like it was in Malaysia and in Bahrain.
During the break I’ve been training and just chilled out with my friends and family in Switzerland and Finland.
It was great to see my pal Toni Vilander to win the opening race of FIA GT series for Ferrari. I follow keenly Toni’s season and it felt good to see him go so strongly in the wet Silverstone circuit. Well done!


移籍してから話があっちいったりこっちいったり支離滅裂だよキミたん…ひとつの話題についてまとめて喋ってもらえると嬉しいんですけど。マク時代の理路整然としすぎてた中の人が懐かしくもあり…Well done!で終わらずに「僕も彼に負けないように今週勝てるようがんがるよ」くらい足せばよかったのに、このgdgd感にワロタ

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The fourth time’s charm-Kimi Bahrain preview

The fourth time’s charm
They say the third time’s the charm, but I hope in our case it is the fourth time to bring the result. I have finished third in three successive Grands Prix in Bahrain. Time and again something has gone wrong. Sakhir is one of those circuits where I really want to win. Finally.
Obviously, we should have speed enough to fight for the top place in Bahrain, too. I have a good touch with that circuit and Ferrari has traditionally been strong there.
It is not easy to find the good set-up in that tricky track, but, at least, we had a very encouraging test down there in early February.
I really like the Sakhir circuit, because it differs from the others. While going there, you feel like playing in the sandbox. It really feels like a gigantic sandbox. Where ever you watch, you see just sand. And you feel it, too – in your hair.
I have had some good races in Bahrain, but no win so far. The testing in February went very well this year and I’m looking forward to racing in Bahrain again and to challenge for the win.
Obviously we can improve from the last year. I was not satisfied with the balance then. Now it should be better.
I have had a very good feeling since winning in Malaysia. Obviously it feels good to carry on the season. With our car we can expect that we can win in every circuit.
I have been training at home and I also kept up my motocross skills in that great indoor track in Tallin.
Now we are on our way to Bahrain to do our very best in third Grand Prix of the season. If everything goes our way, it will be a good result again. However, it is useless to promise anything beforehand. This is motor racing and what ever can happen. It is very early season still. Nobody knows exactly how their cars are.
Obviously, our test in February does not harm us. But, of course, now it is different weather, different circuit and, obviously, out car is different, too.
We have improved our car after the Bahrain test, so it should be better there. But the competitors are not far behind. All the teams know the place. That’s for sure.
Never mind the championship. It’s much too early to make any kind of conclusions who is who. We have to wait some races more to get the picture who are the main contenders for the title.
It’s going to be as tight as it was last year. That is for sure. Now it’s the battle between three teams instead of two. Ferrari and McLaren have won the first two races, but let’s not forget that BMW have had two second places.
So any slip up by Ferrari and McLaren and they will be there to pick up the points. This time you really have to fight for every point you get.


2005:モン欠場で代打のデラさんに予選でボコられる→前を走っていたクルマが次々と消えていつの間にか3位、ローマ法皇死去(Thank you Pope!@つるさん)でシャンパンファイトなし

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all over again マレーシアGPプレビュー


We can start all over again this weekend.
Sepang, 20th March 2008
Kimi Raikkonen: I have just come to the circuit, so I don’t know too much, but I know the team has been working hard back in Maranello to analyse and then resolve the problems, so now we can start all over again this weekend.
For sure, I will be trying to win here in Malaysia, but it is much to early to say what our chances are, as we have not even been on track yet. We will get our first baseline tomorrow and then work solidly forward from there.
My Australian weekend got off to a good start on Friday, but it was really qualifying where things started to go wrong as I was unable to take part in the last two sessions. Once you have a big problem like that, it is difficult to recover and the team did the best it could. After that came some errors and finally I was unable to finish the race. This cost us a lot, but we know what we did wrong and will try to do better here. Australia has always been a bit difficult with lots of things happening on track: it’s the nature of the circuit and the fact it’s the first race, but at least I got one point. We are not panicking even if we had not expected the first race to end the way it did. But this is a long season with seventeen more races. So we just need to do our own thing, make sure we finish this race and in terms of speed I am sure we can be okay.
You never know about the weather here and when it does rain, it is always very heavy here so for sure it’s not going to be easy. We will do our best whatever the conditions and like I said, I am confident we have a good package as long as we don’t make mistakes and we get everything right and get the running time on track that we want.

キミ・ライコネン: 僕はたった今サーキットに来たところだからよく分からないんだけど、チームはマラネロに戻って、(前回の)問題を分析し、解決するため懸命に働いたというのは知っているから、今週末、初めからもう一度やり直すことができるだろう。



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I really like racing in Melbourne
Kimi Raikkonen Maranello, 10th March 2008

I’m a racing driver. And obviously all I want to do is to race. That is my job and I love it. I can’t wait for the new season to start. It really seems that the time has flown since last October. I had a nice break and now everything is ready for the start of the season. I believe that we’re going to Melbourne with a competitive car. The tests during the winter went very well and we did everything possible. The F2008 is a step forward from the car we had last year. The team has done a great job; especially in the areas where we weren’t that strong, like the behaviour through slow corners and over the curbs. We should be strong in every situation, although you never know these things for sure.
Usually I never like to look back, but for once I want to make an exception. Last season ended in a fantastic way that I will never ever forget. It feels great having finally won the Title and it feels even better, that I’ve done it in my first year with Ferrari. I’ve been quite close on a couple of occasions before, but like this it was really exceptional. I really enjoyed celebrating at the end of the season. I spent Christmas in Finland and then I went on holiday to Dubai to celebrate New Year with my wife Jenni and my friends. It’s nice having a break and chilling out after such a tough season. The only thing, which was different this year was, that I had a test session in December. It was very important to try out the car without traction control. At the begining of January I could immediately start testing with the new car, while two of them were ready. It was really important and together with Felipe we could collect many useful data for further development. I’m really satisfied with how the tests went. We have a strong, fast, competitive and reliable package. We should be there fighting for victories in every race and in the end for the two Championships.
Personally I feel a huge difference to start this season compared to 2007. Now I know the team and the way they work and there won’t be any surprises. I’ve built up a good relationship with my engineers and we understand each other: they know how I want my car to be set up.
Again the first race is in Australia. I really like racing in Melbourne and it’s nice having won there already before. The track is very slippery on the first day due to the fact that it’s only used once per year. Braking without the engine brake will be a bit more difficult, but we’ve had already many tests and a driver adapts quickly. I have good memories from last year: we dominated the whole race weekend and in the end we gained the Pole Position and won the race. It’s really nice to get off to a good start. We managed that last year, although afterwords we lost it a bit. I definitely want to win also this year, because it’s always better to lead instead of having to catch up! At the beginning of the season it’s always difficult to say what will happen, because during the tests you ever know how much fuel the others have in their cars. As I’ve said, I think that Ferrari will be competitive, but we’ll only find our for sure in Melbourne.

キミ・ライコネン-2008.03.10 マラネロ


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