Kimi Monaco preview – No bigger challenge

No bigger challenge
Kimi Raikkonen: For me every race is as important as Monaco. But, however, as a race there is nothing like Monaco. To race in the Principality is really different from everywhere else and obviously, because of that, it is really difficult to have a clean weekend down there.
There ain’t a better feeling than to get things going well in Monaco.
Monaco is THE RACE. It’s the legend among all the races. When you have once managed to get it right, you know the great feeling you get by winning it. My win in 2005 ranks up there with my most memorable. So to win it again would be just as special.
The streets of Monte Carlo are so twisty and narrow. You have to be extra sharp and focussed in every single metre you go fast there. This year there is even less room for an error now when we don’t have the traction control. There could be more incidents this year – especially if it’s wet!
We missed the most important practice session in Turkey. Hopefully this time we are able to work without problems. With everybody being so close – especially in qualifying – it’s important to have a good weekend, so that you are able to fine tune the car to the circuit.
It feels great to make a fast lap in Monaco. But overtaking is almost impossible, so, obviously, to really enjoy racing in Monaco, you have to be in the front.
To qualify well is always important, but, propably, in Monaco it’s a priority. I always race to win and to start from the pole position, it’s the best option to fight for the win.
Last week we had a test in Paul Ricard and it went very well. We tried a few new things and improved the set-up. The car is stronger at this type of a circuit compared to last year. That I know.
Obviously, we struggled last year in Monaco, but I geel Ferrari have really improved in many areas that we were weaker at last year.
It’s always such a nice atmosphere down there in Monaco. To be a fan or a spectator, you enjoy this race 100%. For the teams and for us, the drivers it’s not that easy weekend. There is always a huge fuss and nobdy has any kind of own space to calm down a little bit.
But, of course, it makes the challenge even bigger. You just have to focus on more carefully.
I always aim to win and that’s my intention going into the Monaco weekend. We do our very best to get the maximum points from every race.
This race will be very open. I feel Ferrari is very competitive with the main competition coming from McLaren and BMW. That said Monaco can throw up a strange result so its the most open of all the races this year.
Last year we got only one point from Monaco. It did not feel that good after the race, but it was very precious while we finished the season. As usual it’s futile to count points now. I think we will get a better picture of the championship after these next two races.


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