チャンピオンシップへのサヨナラ Kimi Japan Review


We have really dug so deep, that the results we achieved at Fuji felt quite nice. Finally we finished the race, we started from the front row and got back to the podium, Obviously, the team was happy to get good points and climb back to the leading position in the constructors’ championship.
But I have to say, that the second place in qualifying and the third place in the race are not exactly what we wanted. It was annoying to know that we had so good chance for the pole and, most of all, for the win on Sunday.
The team has been working day and night to improve the car. But, for me, it was that same old story all over again. Setting up the car the way I like it to be depends too much on the weather and on the circuit. We know the speed is there in our car. We just have to find the right set-up to maximise it every time.
And we will!
The start was good. We got the lead, like we planned and when you turn first to the first corner, you should be leading after that. I cannot understand what they were thinking there behind me. They came much too fast to that breaking point and caused a big problem for many people.
You have learn how to find the breaking points already when you six years old while starting with GO Karts. Obviously, you should know it how it goes at this level.
I don’t know about the others, but, at least, my father Matti put sticks on the right places for me and for my brother to know where to break. That’s how you learn that lesson the best and you remember it always where ever you race.
At Fuji the fight for the victory was over for me already in the first corner. Both McLarens came too quickly and I could not turn to the first corner. The worst thing was loosing so many places. If I just could have took the lead, like I should after that start, propably we would have won it easily. But now we got stuck behind the others, we did our best, but we never got back to the positions where you have the advantage of using the clean air in front of you.
I managed to overtake Trulli and we should have been able to overtake Kubica in the second pitstop. Unfortunately there was one car in front of me in my inlap and we lost a fracture of the time also at the pitstop. That was enough to miss the chance to get back to the circuit in front of Kubica.
At Fuji you have a couple of places to overtake people. I was trying to fight and once I got beside Robert and a little bit ahead of him, too, coming to the third corner. It was a good fight, neither of us did lift, so I had to go wide. After that all we could do was to bring the car home third.
That was Sayonara to the drivers’ championship. Really I didn’t think of the title after Spa. I should have won in Belgium, because that would have been the only way to control the point situation. Now it was just a matter of time, when it was over.
I have been telling since January, that we do our best to win the championship again and if that’s not working out, we will try again next year. That’s what we are going to do now. I know what it takes to win the championship back.
This week we go to China. Let’s wait and see what we are able to do there. Last year we won the race. Shanghai is a challenging circuit and I like it very much. Now we aim at getting 1-2 result for Ferrari and bringing the best points for the team.


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